Blake E. from Central Virginia

August 14, 2009
The Icon Daytona jacket fits great. It will take a little breaking in of the leather for some arm movements, but that is expected. The jacket ran true to size. I wear a medium in shirts and after the measurements that proved to be the right size for the jacket. It has plenty of room in the waist area to expand. I have the sides zipped and buttoned to the tightest option with no problems. The back pad is 1/4 inch thick so I will likely try to swap it out with a CE approved one made by another company, but the stock one if fine for now. The shoulder and elbow armor feels good and is in the right spots. With the liner zipped in this jacket should be good in some lower temps, but I have it zipped out now. It ventilates pretty good with the shoulder and back zippers open. I should be able to wear it and be comfortable at speed up to the mid to high 80's and possibly low 90's if at highway speeds(55+). Overall very happy with the jacket and the price from New Enough blew everyone else away!!!
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