Dan B. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 26, 2009
LOVE this helmet! I got this to replace a Shoei TZ-R. I really liked the TZ-R but wasn't thrilled with the lack of vents on that helmet. When getting a new one, I found the Scorpion and it fit very well (KBC and HJCs didn't fit my head right) and had TONS of vents. I was also happy to hear that the EXO-700 had fog-free shields. I was skeptical how well the fog-free would work, but the very first time I rode with this helmet on, I got caught in a pretty good downpour. No fog whatsoever. I left the shield down the entire ride, even at stoplights. I even TRIED to get it to fog up by breathing on it harder than I normally would, and still no fog. I'd recommend this helmet to anyone.
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