Andrew M. from Florida

June 9, 2009
i ordered these back in October last year (been using them for 9 months at the time this was written) living in central Florida i can ride pretty much year round as long as i'm wearing the proper gear to keep me warm. these gloves do a GREAT job at keeping your hands warm up till around 42 degrees then anything lower than that point my fingers would start to get pretty cold and numb (on a half hour drive to and from work) I've been using these since i got them. they are definitely too warm to keep wearing year round so i'll be looking for something cooler for the summer time. these things have saved the palms of my hands a few weeks ago when i got into a major accident. and they are still in great shape. i would like to note that even though the description says they are waterproof. they are NOT waterproof. i get rained on pretty regularly here on my rides home from work and these gloves act like sponges. they might be waterproof if you are talking about snow or something but I've never experienced that so who knows.
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