Andy K. from Colorado

June 22, 2009
The HT Air overpants seem very well made and easily slip on over jeans or khakis. Unfortunately, they are also way too short and actually came up higher than my street clothes underneath (sitting on the bike), so it seems like they would not offer very good protection from road dirt, splashes, gravel, etc.. The waist fit fine (I wear a 32 and ordered a 32) but I had to expand the velcro/elastic all the way with no room for expansion AT ALL -- I recommend you order one size bigger. Finally, I found the armor much too small and quite disappointing (even with the hip upgrade); in the end, I decided to send these pants back (despite the great sale price) and go back to the Tour Master pants I was going to buy in the first place. A quick word about the Tour Master rain boots (not in pic): I have not used these in the rain yet, but they seem very well constructed, go on and off quickly, pack small enough to fin into my TM rain gear bag, and will probably be a very good investment . . . I only wish that TM would include these with their rain suits in the first place! :-)

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