Alexander R. from Maryland

March 26, 2009
I ordered the Recon 19 looking for a laptop bag that would fit my 15"x10"x1" laptop. When it arrived, I first tried to stuff the damn laptop inside and found that the dimensions listed by the manufacturer are ambitious at best, as they do not account for the front end of the bag tapering off. Apart from the dimensions, this bag is really nice. The rain cover takes up very little space when put away and sits snug on the bag when deployed. The included hydration pouch will fit a camelbak bladder well, and there are clips on the exterior of the bag to hold the hose in place when you're not taking a sip. In general the design of the bag is really well thought out and rider centric. Everything is kept easily accessible and focused on making it accessible when you're riding. If you're not trying to fit a laptop of similar dimensions (If I had to ballpark I'd say 13"x8" would fit comfortably) I'd absolutely recommend this bag.
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