Brian W. from Texas

February 18, 2009
Well after an impatient wait, I wnated the jacket to be seen. It arrived this afternoon as promised and I was amazed how bright the HiViz Yellow realy is. Fit and function is fantastic, I took a little 30 minute ride in 50 degree temps with no liner and the jacket was perfect. Opened the vents in the shoulders and on the back and was amazed how well it breathed (got cold in a hurry). Zipped it back up a right back in the comfort zone. For functionality it does what it says. I do need to contact customer service, I notice after the ride it looks like they missed sewing a seam when it was made. I got some pictures that I need to send in, but I am sure whatever the decision is made it will be right. Because NewEnough has top notch customer service.
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