Jason E. from Minnesota

February 18, 2009
I bought everything you see here for a trip I took to Devil's Tower from Minnesota in the middle of September, and am very glad I did! The fleece glove liners were a real finger-saver. They kept my hands fingers comfortable even in temperatures down to 40*. They fit well under my gloves. I can palm a basketball so I chose the L/XL size and they fit perfectly. The balaclava was an addition I should have made years ago. It kept my whole face warm, and wicked away moisture quickly. Around the mouth it would get moist, but that was to be expected. It fits well and goes under a helmet without any problem. The smoke/mirror sunglasses are fantastic during the day, both on and off the bike. I also purchased the yellow lens version for night riding. I like how they lighten up everything you see, and they worked as well as expected.

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