David C. from California

October 23, 2009
The scorpion everclear shield works as expected. Compatible w/ both 400 & 700 models which is nice if I plan to upgrade to a 700. The amber style lighting works well at dawn, dusk and everything in between. It's got that amber colored vision that you might be familiar with if you wear ski/snow goggles. Nothing too special despite the revolutionary tech claims, but everything looks more detailed and crisper in the above mentioned lighting conditions. The tint is not dark enough to mask your face so if you're going for that look get a mirrored or dark tint shield. Noticed that the bottom edge of the shield has 1/2 cm of tint/plastic distortions that make that part look warped. Not sure if it was like this or it got that way. Not a big deal since the bottom of the shield is not used in anyway, but definitely a quality control issue. The shield scratches pretty easily like every other shield out there so don't expect any different. I haven't ridden it in the rain so can't say much about the anti-fog. However I do notice that it does fog up @ a stop light early morning. If you really need fog protection, you'll have to use an anti-fog compound or a fog-city insert. Icon field armor works as advertised. It's invisible under a pair of riding jeans. The armor is substantial in the knee and the shin (goes 2/3 way down my shin) so I would recommend only using this if you have shorter riding boots or tall boots that can accommodate a wide calf sizing. Would recommend this if you need protection but don't want to be the lone guy sporting a set of leather pants at your next outing. There's an excellent review of these things @ webbikeworld that sums it up better than I can.
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