Vaughn L. from was Michigan, now North Carolina

September 3, 2008
I bought a few different cold-weather gloves from NewEnough and this is the pair I happily kept. While not made for Michigan winters, the Cortech Scarab Winter gloves were great for riding when it was in the 40's and 50's. And the first trip I took them on, I got drenched in several hours of on and off rain and the gloves stayed nice and dry inside. The gloves are fairly stiff when new, but I found that this was mostly due to the plastic (I think) protection over the knuckles. With the gloves off I simply worked the knuckles over a few times and then wore the gloves for my normal break in and now they fit very comfortably. In fact I put them on the other day after not having them on for several months and thought, "That's right, I like these!" One draw back was that I did notice when it got warm out that the gloves kept the sweat from my hands inside, which led to the the warm fuzzy lining getting damp. But compared the the Alpinestars gloves I also ordered, the Scarab Winter gloves seem like real motorcycle gloves that work in colder weather while the Alpinestars seemed like snow gloves that someone thought to put on for riding. And the Cortech was a better price too!
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