Jesse R. from Massachusetts

September 22, 2008
Bought the Accelerator 2 jacket from newenough a month ago. Since enough good things can't be said for newenough (just an all around great company), I'll stick with commenting about the jacket. All in all it's a very nice jacket with some great designs, and I would definitely buy again. Here are some pros and cons: PROS 1. Integrated backpack/camelpak works perfectly. 2. Tons of storage room / pockets. 3. Good fit (6'2" 180lbs). 4. Very warm with liner, looks to be a great winter jacket. CONS 1. Shoulder armor is in two pieces (since arms can unzip). Doesn't seem as robust as normal one piece armor. 2. Removable sleeves seems like a marketing ploy. 3. Limited airflow in the forearms. Definitely will sweat there in the summer. The camelpak sold me, and it integrates with the jacket really well. Takes about 2 minutes to feed the straps through the velcro covered holes in the jacket, and it's very easy to take the jacket on/off with the backpack. The only thing is when you have to get something out of the backpack, you either need a friend to grab it, or take off the entire jacket. I also tried using it in a 3 hour downpour, and the top zipper will leak a little bit, but not enough to soak everything inside. Hope this was helpful to someone. Like I said, I would definitely buy the jacket again. For the price, it's like getting a camelpak for free.
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