David B. from Illinois

September 11, 2008
New Enough Rocks. Disaster Averted: Alas Customer service is not a lost art! Here is why. On Sept 7th I ordered a Power Stands Mario single sided swing arm stand for my Triumph T595. On Sept 10th the box arrived. Man that was fast! One problem, the box was completely tattered with holes in it, and you could hear the metal on metal clanging of the parts bouncing off each other inside the box. Ahem, a little bubble wrap please. I opened it up to find not only the assembly hardware was not in there but the assembly holes did not match up. Plus the axle pins were no where in site. Man, was I irate. I paid 170 bones and received poorly manufactured goods with critical pieces missing. I placed a call to New Enough. That's when how much New Enough excels became evident. Nate took care of it with no excuses. He arranged for Power Stands to send me a new unit and have them pay for shipping to return the less than desirable delivered goods. Less than 2 hours later I received email notice that the new stand had shipped from the Power Stands HQ along with a UPS tracking number. I am due to receive the new stand after the weekend and hopefully the happy story will continue. Thanks New Enough and thank you Power Stands for being stand up people. Best Regards, David Bush
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