Stuart V. from Florida

August 13, 2008
The Nelson Rigg CL-75 is exactly what I was looking for. I bought 2 female buckles for $0.50 from a local camping/hiking store and the straps allow me to fasten it around the passenger seat. The buckles are under the seat, where you can only get to them with a key. Nobody can steal the tailpack without cutting the straps. It fits my 05 GSX-R1000 passenger seat like it was made specifically for it. The width even tapers from front to back, just like the seat itself. It's just the right size. It holds a spare face shield, waterproof gloves and all the other little doo-dads I like to carry for a 300 - 400 mile day carving up the twisties. And the stiff sides means it looks good, whether it's full or empty. Thanks, Nelson Rigg, and THANKS to NewEnough! - Stuart
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