Kevin C. from Australia

July 29, 2008
So far, so good...I am getting the testimonial in before I even receive my gear. Why? Simple; price, price and price! I tried on a Teknic Supervent jacket here in a shop at the weekend (Perth, Western Australia) and liked the fit & style. As we are heading for summer and those 30+ days, this seemed like a smart buy, but at AU$299 it was a bit steep. I’m sure I could have extracted a discount on the ticket price, but it was still going to cost over $200 and the shirt off my back! Then I come a browsing through New Enough and what do I find, a Teknic Supervent jacket; not at $200 +, oh no, not even close. This jacket is listed for $64.99! What the……. Okay, so I am thinking there’s a catch, but nada. I have to pay the shipping and it would always be a hassle if I had to return it for some reason, but…. $64.99! Needless to say, I added this to the cart, along with a Chicane jack at an equally discounted price and some other odds and sods. $400 later, I am in for leg armour, 2 jackets, some gloves, odds & sods and fast delivery, and it’s only costing me a $100 more than the ticket price of the Supervent jacket. Thanking you….
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