Michael F. from Louisiana

July 29, 2008
Earlier in the year, a friend had tipped me off to this "incredible" deal. A place in Dallas was selling riding boots for an insanely low price. I called them up, and the sales rep was very helpful in getting me the right size, and getting the boots to me in a short time. But the boots weren't anything to recommend. And, worse, after wearing them on just a few rides, the zipper on one boot broke. I had to ride home with duct tape holding my boot closed. Since they were a "one-time special," I couldn't get a refund on the boots. And I definitely didn't want an exchange for another pair. I came to my senses and bought a pair of boots from NewEnough. Because I know that if the boots turn out to be defective, I can return them easily. IMO, the prices at NewEnough are low enough to make it not worth the risk to buy "one-time special deals" from other vendors. I'm very happy with the Alpinestars that UI bought from NewEnough. Though, every time I put them on I think about the money I wasted on the "great deal" I got on that other pair of boots. Why didn't I just stick with NewEnough?
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