Rusty P. from California

July 27, 2008
This was my second purchase from New Enough. Another quick, easy transaction and more great products. ------------------------------------------------- Held Thrux Gloves: Awesome gloves. It's amazing how much feeling you keep thanks to the kangaroo palm - I'd almost be willing to give away some feeling for a second layer of extra protection. Just follow the sizing guide in the description on this site and place your order. I was going to go bigger than they recommended, but I'm glad I didn't. There's a good amount of ventilation between the fingers, so I open up my hand if I want more air flow. Too bad the big top vents do nothing. I'm glad the seams don't irritate my finger tips like my last pair of gloves did. ------------------------------------------------- Scorpion Aero Skirt & Dark Smoke Shield: Just as I expected, the aero skirt made a big difference. The helmet is quieter, I don't get any more dust in my eyes, and I don't get nearly as much air flow coming in from underneath - which is fine by me. The dark smoke shield is great too, since I don't like wearing sun glasses (I always forget they're on and pull the helmet off and they fall to the floor). It's SO EASY to swap the visors out once you get the hang of it. The dark smoke is good enough that you can ride into the setting sun without being completely blinded. I keep the stock clear visor in my top box for the ride home. I've forgotten it once and managed the ride home with the dark smoke visor, though it felt like my headlights were off. ------------------------------------------------- Alpinestars RC Back Protector: I was a bit surprised to have received a big surfboard for a back protector, but it's really not that uncomfortable, and I bet it'll provide great protection when I smash my back against a pole in a crash. I ended up leaving in the stock soft back protector on the outside of the jacket, and put the hard RC Back Protector against my back. For some reason, it was more comfortable this way.
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