Scott D. from Indiana

July 24, 2008
These boots offer great protection and, at the closeout price, are a steal. There was a small manufacturing defect on one of the boots with the threaded receiver for the toe slider that made the toe slider stick out; with a bit of elbow grease, pushing on the screwdriver, I was able to make it work just fine. I've only had these for about 2 weeks and the logo on the velcro flaps has already started to wear away, but this is no concern to me as it's not that noticeable and I typically am wearing pants that drape over most of the boot anyways. Despite Paul saying they run true-to-size, I would recommend getting one size smaller than you normally wear. All-in-all, at the price I paid, they are great, but at MSRP, I would look around a bit more.
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