David D. from Missouri

June 18, 2008
I could not be happier after receiving my jacket today. I followed the advice on sizing this jacket on your site and it fits precisely as I had hoped (slightly loose compared to my other jackets). The craftsmanship is second to none. Although it was a bargain basement item, the price for such a high-quality item amazes me still (less than 1/4 MSRP). Also, the jacket arrived much quicker than I would have expected when I placed the order. I'm sure this one sale will generate 3 or 4 others. Word got around my workplace quickly today about the sweet jacket I had shipped to the office. Every motorcyclist who works at my company was asking for your web address after drooling over my jacket - and that was before I told them how little I had paid for it. Job well done, NewEnough; job VERY well done! -dave
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