mark adams from Virginia

May 21, 2008
these guys rock in a major way! i got the HJC CL-15 Orbit Helmet, Moto GP Perimeter Jacket, Moto GP Pylon Glove, Helmet Mohawk, and the HJC Windlight LED helmet Light. the cl-15 helmet is awesomely comfortable and vents in all the right places. the perimeter jacket has a good feel with good adjustment except for the cuffs, and they dont realy snug like i like, but still a awesome piece. the Pylon Gloves are nothing short is great, the leather is if very good quality soft and tough, the full cuff has great adjustment too. I don't have the helmet Mohawk on in the pic and you cant see the HJC Windlight either, but i can assure you that they are both really cool, the Mohawk looks awesome in my mx helmet and the windlight works good and blends in with the helmet as well! i have already placed 2 orders since this with in a week, and let me say that i have no complaints and the shipping time and packaging were exceptional!
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