Woot from Nova Scotia, Canada

May 13, 2008
The short story is that the Cortech 14L magnetic tank bag is an absolute must for anyone who actually rides their bike. Throw a spare pair of gloves in it, a sweater, your music, phone, and last nights left over pizza. Absolutely brilliant design. The longer story. Right now I am prepping two bikes for a trip. I already had purchased the side/tail bags from New Enough for myself; Cortech sport saddle bags and tail bags (FANTASTIC gear as well). I recommended the gear to my friend, and when the gear arrived at my door I "borrowed" his Cortech 14L tank bag. He wasn't around and it needed testing, didn't it? After riding for a day with the tank bag on - I can't believe I have ridden as long as I have without one. I rush ordered this bag to replace the one I "borrowed". Not only did it arrive on time, it arrived 3 days early. Now both bikes are fully setup, and we hit the road tomorrow. 4000km in 5 days. Not worried at all. We've got the gear now it's just a matter of navigating Eastern North America. Thanks for the speedy delivery, and fantastic gear! Woot.
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