Bruno V. from Michigan

April 3, 2008
I wanted to mention that I very much enjoy the versatility of the Tour Master Flex jacket and pants. I've been riding in 40 degree weather and hot and humid 85 degree weather and the different configurations for the jacket worked really well for all the conditions. The pants work in a very similar way, and I've gone from always riding in jeans to now almost always riding with full gear on. I do have a few concerns with the build quality of both the pants and the jacket. I understand that this equipment is not the most expensive out there, but I wanted to make you aware of the issues I've seen. First, one of the snaps on the jacket liner came out fairly quickly, which is a minor issue. On the jacket itself, the outside shell has two zippers parallel to the main jacket zipper, and one of these comes undone from the bottom up on occasion, which is a bit of a pain. On the pants, the velcro tightening strap on one side had the textile tab that holds the plastic buckle in place come apart just recently.
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