Dave H. from Utah

March 15, 2008
WOW ! Such a nice helmet for such a GREAT price !!! I have had HJC helmets in the past for dirt bikes/quad riding and when I bought a street bike I checked out the HJC site for their FULL FACE offerings. I found the HJC AC-12 Yikes III Helmet to my liking. I loved the matte finish colors, and the helmet seems to be built really well. The visor lock/latch works GREAT no wind through the visor AT ALL !!! I also got a light smoke visor to go with it and it is GREAT for sunny or even overcast days, not too dark that things are faded, just enough to keep from squinting and the glares off of things. I just never thought I would be able to find the AC-12 for SUCH A LOW PRICE !!! THANKS ~DaVe

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