Nate D. from Ohio

December 25, 2008
Santa delivered a shiny Shoei RF-1000 helmet to replace my venerable RF-700. After trying on a variety of other helmets at a local dealer, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find one that fit as comfortably as my Shoei. To my delight, the RF-1000 fits like a glove. It came with a breath guard, chin skirt, carrying bag, and a five year warranty (though I doubt it will be needed since my RF-700 is much older than 5 years and has never had a problem). The quick-release face shield makes for easy cleaning. There is a small lever on the left side of the shield that allows you to pop the shield open just a bit for increased ventilation - very handy to reduce fogging. Since it's cold and snowy right now I can't report on the effectiveness of the breath guard. I'm looking forward to getting an early start on the riding season with my new Shoei and other gear from NewEnough! (Polar bear pajamas not included :-))
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