Jason P. from New Jersey

November 9, 2008
I love these pants. They flow a ton of air, so they're not overbearing, but they still offer protection. The non-mesh parts are still very smooth and soft to the touch. I typically wear a 36 waist, what I got was a size XLT and these fit SNUG around jeans with a belt. It was very easy to get my foot through with sneakers, but now with mid/low height boots with a thicker sole, it's a little more difficult to weasel it through. In the pants defense, I do have size 15 feet, though. Other than that, the velcro that covers the zippers kept closing when I didn't want it to, so I just folded it like a flap and don't use it (they set it up so you can do that). I'd definitely buy these again. In fact, I bought a new tourmaster jacket hoping it'd match this material feel.
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