1LT Hon, R from California

November 29, 2008
Wow, great jacket! Fits me like a pair of good leather gloves. Outstanding detailing with all the Army patches; makes me feel proud to be a member of the service. The leather gloves were great, too! Plenty of padding. Sizing was spot on. The Army jacket was of very high quality, fits snuggly but comfortably. Thank you Newenough for the fantastic shopping experience. Wonderful photo galleries of your products. Why can't other web retailers offer the same so we can clearly see the products? Wish the Power Trip will continue this Army line in the future to include pants, shoes, helmet, socks, new mesh, textile and leather jacket. I will buy Army brand again. Ohh, the Disc lock was easy to use and comes with a LED light on the key! ARMY STRONG!!!
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