Jason P. from New Jersey

November 11, 2008
They say the best gear, is the gear you wear. Well, I'll be wearing this one. To give you an idea of how picky I am, this is my forth jacket in 2 months. I also tried 7 different pairs of gloves. My last one, and the one I've been wearing, is the First Gear Mesh-Tex 3.0. It wasn't a bad jacket, but the collar was a little high and irritated my neck. The mesh was alright, but a little scratchy. Other than that, it was a little short and loose on me (XXL). I decided to try out the Intake jacket instead. It has the same fabrics as the Venture air, which I absolutely loved (soft, yet protective), came in the XLT I needed, was cheap, looked nice, and was multi-season. It just came in today, and I love it. With the reflective piping, it looks sleeker than the Mesh-Tex's plain design, yet is still subtle. It flows a ton more air with the looser mesh, yet has the two additional layers. It fits easily with both layers installed for me, contrary to this site's experience. Only a hair snug with a collared shirt and hoodie underneath. The armor is just as comfortable as the Mesh-Tex. There are also more adjustments along the arm and body than the Mesh-Tex. The biggest upgrade, besides the fit, is the more durable non-mesh fabric on the impact zones. It's also cool and soft, but it'll probably protect me more in a fall. It really seems more protective than the Mesh-Tex, but also cooler in the summer and more comfortable. It may even be warm enough for all seasons, it's just an awesome jacket for the money.
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