Jerry Lee from Florida

October 4, 2008
Great service, I loved the order tracking feature. I like the website interface as well. I went on a 20 mile ride with my gear. Here are my reviews: Helmet HJC CL-15: fits perfect, great ventilation. A bit of noise. The matte black finish looks awesome, and it accentuate the lines of the helmet. Almost as light as my much more expensive auto racing helmet. Good field of vision Gloves Power Trip US Army logo Bravo gloves: Fit my hand almost perfect. Pinky is a tad bit too long but not too bad. No problem working the controls. Knuckle armor feels very substantial. Palm area has decent protection, but I feel like it could use some more. Very good deal for the money! (I got it on closeout price) Jacket: Firstgear Mesh-tex 3.0 A bit loose around the chest. Otherwise fits great. the tightening feature on the arms are great. Well ventilated. I wish it was a bit more fitted, but that might just be because of my particular body type. The zip-together feature with the Mesh-tex 2.0 pants is nice. The back armor feels like it won't stand up to any impacts if you so happen to be unfortunate to experience a real back impact, but in a roll it should keep the bruises down a bit. Pants: Firstgear Mesh-tex 2.0 pants I love them. They are a bit loose to me, although I have pretty thick legs. It feels like the knee armor will not stay on the spot, and when you stand they sit lower than you knees. HOWEVER, when you are in a riding position they situate nicely to your knees. I wish they were a bit more fitted around the waist, mainly for cosmetic reasons. I hope this gear review helps.
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