brian p. from Georgia

October 23, 2008
First off, New Enough has to be the best site for gear on the web. The size 42 Blackhawk jacket is a great quality heavy leather jacket and more than worth the New Enough price. Nice fit adjustment features, good venting and was really warm for the 37-deg ride to work this morning. The arms are still stiff and tight, but I'm sure this will improve once its broken in. The sizing seems perfect since my chest measures 42-42.5" and the widest part of my waist is 35". The Teknic pants were great in the cold. Comfortable, warm. The knee pad placement is a little high / pants a little short (I'm 5'9, 182lbs, not a tall guy and I bought size 34's, usually wear 32-33" waist jeans). I found myself standing up on my bike, shaking my legs, trying to pull the pants down a little, but this should improve once they break in and loosen up a little. Also, I was wearing normal boots. . the length should be great with my tall riding boots. Overall, I'm happy and looking forward to riding my FZ1 all winter long.
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