Andy K. from Colorado

October 23, 2008
The Speedstar Short gloves are awesome -- really comfortable and nice & cool, even on a really hot day! I also feel that they would provide excellent protection in case of a fall, and I wish I'd come across these sooner (especially with NE's amazing pricing!), so I could've bought the full-gauntlet version, as well . . . my TourMaster Scarab RR gloves are nice, too, but not quite as nice as the Speedstar. Of course, neither are any good in cool-to-cold weather like we're getting here now, so I'll likely be keeping them in the drawer until spring. A word about the River Road Mojave pants (not pictured): These pants were an incredible bargain at $30, so I wasn't expecting very much, but they actually make for an excellent pair of warm/hot-weather pants. They fit very nicely (without the bulk of other textile pants I've tried) and they let a ton of air through. The wind/waterproof liner, however, feels like plastic wrap (ick), is a total pain to (un-)install, and still let's in too much air to be comfortable when it's a bit cooler; it's completely useless, and I threw it away after wearing it one time. If you need an extra layer of wind and/or water protection, just wear your rain gear over these pants instead. Oh, and one of the zipper pulls at the leg-bottoms broke off after only wearing the pants a few times . . . bummer, but I was able to rig the zipper with a piece of string, and it works just fine. :-) Thanks, NE, for another great bargain!
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