Hakim A. from Nevada

December 23, 2007
Man, The Italians really know how to design clothes, and this jacket is proof of it. I have been looking for a jacket of this quality and cut for a while now. It fits very close to your body especially around the waist area for a more athletic look. It has great looks (I get compliments everytime I wear it),excellent quality and great design. In my opinion this jacket is a great exemple of how all motorcycle jackets ought to be. The leather is of great quality; a little stiff in the beginning but after wearing it few times it became more supple. I believe that the body armor is among the best in the market and the reflective lines make me more visible to cagers which is always a good thing.Personally I don't think you can get a better jacket especially for this price. Just click “Add to Cart” and don't go back! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff at Newenough for offering such a great jacket for such a low price and for your top notch customer service. I will always buy from you and refer all my friends to your business. Thank you
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