scott s. from New York

July 7, 2008
This review is for both the Teknic Chicane pants and the Icon Field Armor (Leg). First up, the chicane pants: these pants are great for the wet and cold. They are 100% waterproof, which surprised me- they repel water better than I expected. They are quite warm however and I haven't worn them in a while now that it's summer. They will be great in the fall and winter. I was pleased with the knee armor, it doesn't get in my way while walking around and when I sit on the bike it feels just right. As for the Icon Leg Armor, I use this when I'm not wearing armored riding pants. The leg armor is comfortable and easy to use, it also seems like it should offer great protection in a fall. What I'm worried about is that the velcro does not allow enough adjustment to fit tightly on my skinny calves, and I feel that in a slide the leg armor would just come right off my leg. If my legs were bigger I don't think this would be a concern.
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