Jonathan L. from Singapore

May 14, 2008
I am very pleased with the ease of ordering from New Enough! Shipping took just 7-8 working days to Singapore!! Fellow riders here in Singapore have asked me... "why did i buy from overseas, aren't you afraid of poor can't try them on.." I just gave New Enough a go just to try them out with this small purchase. The experience was fantastic! I will be looking forward to purchase the AXIO tailbag and some saddlebags as well. I would recommend fellow riders in Singapore to try out New Enough. The comments on each and every item by the staff of NE has helped tremendously with my final choice and selection, especially in sizing. The jacket fits really well and in our hot and humid weather in Singapore, the jacket is indeed much lighter with all the protection that any rider will need. The mesh does help dissipate the heat and humidity from the body. The glove fits really well and the sizing is exactly as i have measured on my palm. The helmet liner is perfect in its sizing. What more can i ask for? In fact there is... if i could add for some constructive criticism; with international buyers, you should and could have allowed orders to be held up to allow us to add items to the shipping. I sent my request to add items to my shipping within the hour of placing my order but still got declined by NE. I ended up not ordering and instead waiting to accumulate my next order and pooling orders from my regular riding group to save on shipping. So till then.... A satisfied biker from Singapore
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