Joe Rocket Dry Tech Jacket Liner For Women

  • Waterproof liner that will fit into the Phoenix 2.0, Reactor and Rio jackets
  • Works under any “free air” perforated leather or mesh jacket (not just for specific Joe Rocket jackets)
  • Shell is a waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Elastic cuff

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

Buy whatever size you have (or would buy) in your “free air” jacket.

Our Two Cents

The Dry Tech liner is designed to be used with “free air” type jackets for two purposes: to keep you dry if you get caught in a shower, and to be used as a wind stop on cool mornings. The liner is worn inside the jacket. There are two small tabs built into the Phoenix, Rio and Reactor jackets at the end of each sleeve that snap to the sleeve end of the jacket and also there are two zippers on either side of the main zipper of the jacket for the same purpose. The shell material of the liner is nylon, but it feels like an extremely tightly woven fabric rather than just plain ‘ole plastic. And on the inside there is a very short pile fleece material to keep the liner from sticking to your skin (take a closer look by clicking on the “View Larger Pictures” link above sorry, it’s hard to photograph black fleece :). If you don’t own a new style Phoenix/Reactor don’t despair this liner is designed to work with any “free air” type jacket since it has sleeve cuff closures and a main front zipper

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