Vemar Eclipse Metha Helmet - 2012 ::

Vemar Eclipse Metha Night Vision Helmet

  • Engineered and manufactured in Italy to the motorcyclist specific EC standard while also meeting the USA’s DOT standard
  • Exterior shell is aerodynamically shaped for ease of cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise, thus lessening the stress on the rider’s neck muscles after a long ride
  • Three sizes of outer shells cover the eight helmet sizes for the ultimate in a light weight yet proportional fit
  • The Eclipse features a mid oval shell shape which offers a more generous fit front to back and more snug fit ear to ear
  • The exterior shell is constructed of a lightweight yet incredibly strong carbon fiber/aramidic/fiberglass blend
  • The Eclipse features a double density high impact inner EPS shell
  • Padded chin strap with double D-ring closure system
  • Removable and washable ultra plush non-deformable high density expanded polyurethane cheek pads
  • Inner liner and cheek pads are manufactured from a technical fiber that provides life-long treatment against odor, fungus and bacteria, and extraordinary wicking capabilities that result in enhanced rider comfort
  • Removable and washable wrap around chin curtain for the ultimate in comfort and noise reduction
  • The cheek pads are designed to perfectly follow the shape of the riders face and are molded from a proprietary material that has more memory than the foam used by the competitors, and consequently they are able to maintain their shape longer
  • Superbly detailed, high pixel count, multi color and affect graphics
  • An anti-fog, non-scratch 2.2mm thick clear shield is included; these are quick-release shields
  • A fabric mesh is in the chin vent for insect protection
  • Features the exclusive “Vemar Klima” adjustable full ventilation system with four intake vents on the top of the shell and two large exhaust vents in the rear
  • Every Vemar helmet comes with a high quality helmet bag and a detailed user guide
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • EC and DOT certified

Please Note: We cannot ship Vemar products to Canada or Italy (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

There is scant advice on sizing of the newer (2012) version of the Eclipse helmet online, and because we never carried the newer Eclipse as a non-closeout, we don’t have a depth of knowledge about fit either. We did a “fit test” here in the office and each of us chose the size we normally wear in most brands and the fit was fine (in fact, quite comfortable), so our advice based on our limited experience would be to choose the size you normally wear.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Here’s an exclusive from; we bought the remaining inventory of these helmets and are offering them at a fantastic price. I’ll have to admit, we have only limited experience with Vemar, but we took these closeout helmets as a “package” including other great products. This is the night vision Metha and has a special paint job which glows in the dark…. the tan parts are the glowing part, BTW. We took a couple pics in our own studio to illustrate this, but as you can imagine, photography of this is really hard. There are some videos of the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision helmets on the net that you can view on YouTube. As far as I found, none of those is this model EXACTLY, but rather they were of the non-graphic Eclipse, but the idea is the same. :: Paul, 12-19-13

Vemar’s description of Night Vision helmets: Vemar’s Night Vision helmet is activated by absorbing the UV radiation of sunlight. The longer the exposure to sunlight the longer the helmet will emit its afterglow effect. The maximum a Night Vision helmet will glow is 8 hours. The glowing effect is more intense in the first 2-3 hours and then it gradually starts to become less intense. The Night Vision effect does not have a life span (just like the clock dials); it will outlast the useable lifespan of the helmet itself! Vemar’s exclusive Night Vision painting process is more complicated to apply than standard paint or graphics. Vemar’s proprietary paint formula includes a phosphorescent pigment that must be applied carefully, in three layers, over a special base coat.