Vanson CE and Articulated Motorcycle Back Protectors for Jackets ::

Vanson CE and Articulated Back Protectors for Jackets

Articulated Back Protector:
  • Plastic armor plates riveted to a foam back pad
  • Available in three sizes
  • Installs in Vanson jackets between outer shell and inner nylon liner
CE Back Protector:
  • Energy absorbing material
  • Light weight
  • One size fits all Vanson jackets
  • Installs in Vanson jackets between outer shell and inner nylon liner

Note about Availability and Warranty

Stock: We will no longer be stocking/selling Vanson products and we are liquidating our existing inventory. Please use the drop down menu below to view current availability.

Warranty: Vanson handles all warranty issues directly with the consumer. This will be strictly the case since we are no longer an active dealer. All remaining products are first quality with warranty.

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

Articulated Back Pad: Pick the size back protector depending upon your jacket size as follows:

Back Protector Size Fits Ladies
Size Jackets
Fits Men’s
Size Jackets
3 plate 04 thru 12 32 thru 38
4 plate 14 thru 20 40 thru 50
5 plate - 52 and up

All three sizes are 11” wide. The 5 plate is 21” long, the 4 plate is 18” long and the 3 plate is 15” long.

CE Back Pad: One size fits all.

This style measures 9.25”W x 14.5”L

Our Two Cents

The articulated back pad consists of plastic plates secured to a piece of protective foam. This is the most substantial style and it most resembles the GP type armor for shoulders and elbows. Although it’s the most substantial, it is also a little thicker and heavier than the CE style. The CE style back protector is a combination of dense foam covered in a less dense foam layer which is designed to absorb impact energy. It’s light weight and comfortable to wear. Use this information from Vanson’s website for help with installation: Vanson Armor Installation.

Note about the articulated style back pads: The entire backside of the back protector is a material that acts like the “loop” Velcro material. This will stick to the Velcro pieces sewn in your jacket (“hook” type). The back protector also has two pieces of loop Velcro sewn to each top corner which you can disregard. Those are used for attaching in Vanson race suits.