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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles

  • Designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system
  • Warmth without bulk or discomfort, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride
  • Alloy fiber heating wire provide safe, even warmth
  • A dual or single rheostat is available and easily and accurately adjusts through a range of temperatures (sold separately, see Related Products below)
  • A temperature sensor regulates the maximum and minimum temperatures and provides a consistent temperature
  • Designed to be worn individually or connected to the Synergy® pant or chap liner
  • Heats entire foot from toes to heel

Note: Synergy® 2.0 Heated Insoles require a powerlead wiring harness, extended V-Split connector and rheostat controller if used individually (parts sold separately)

Technical Product Information (pdf format):
Synergy Owners Manual
Synergy Power Usage Specs

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Sizing Information

|Insole Size|Men’s Shoe Size|
XS 7
S 8
M 9
L 10
XL 11
XXL 12

Insoles cannot be trimmed to size; the wiring runs throughout.

Our Two Cents

No more cold feet with these electrically heated insoles; you can play longer! They can be worn in any shoe or boot. If you’re not connecting them to a Synergy® 2.0 pant or chap liner you’ll need to purchase a powerlead wiring harness, extended V-Split connector and rheostat controller (see below).

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Rick W.
Location: Texas

The good news: this stuff works! Installation was easy enough (note to self: disconnecting the battery resets the trip odometer), and the jacket heats up quickly (I haven't tried the pants or insoles yet). Pants/jacket are well insulated so they'r... (Read more...)

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