TCX S-Sportour WP Boots ::

TCX S-Sportour WP Boots

  • Microfiber upper with front and rear padded flex zones
  • Molded PU heel counter, ankle guard, and shin guard
  • Interchangeable PU toe slider
  • Waterproof liner

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

After trying on a few sample pairs of this model, we agree that the sizing is consistent with TCX’s published size conversion chart. The general width would be “normal” which is D or possibly E. To compare, I’d say the overall fit is somewhere between a Sidi boot which is generally pretty trim and an Alpinestars boot which runs more wide. Please click here to see the TCX size chart.

Our Two Cents

Overall, I really like the S-Sportour WP boots, uh… aside from the goofy spelling of the name which will no doubt hamper their sales because of missed Google search opportunities. But anyhoo, I’ve always liked the overall price and quality of TCX boots and this new model doesn’t disappoint. The materials and feel of the boot is definitely on par with the other two big players in the boot market, Sidi and Alpinestars. The upper is made of a man-made leather (which is almost universal in this business) because this material wears well and is very abrasion resistant. The boots have very substantial protectors at the heel, shin and over the ankle bones. I like the mesh-type interior. It reminds me of the material common in helmet linings. It should be comfortable and long wearing. Like other sport boots, the sole is low profile, but sturdy, and has a stiffener in the arch. The WP version of this boot includes a waterproof lining (between the shell and the inner lining) to make them waterproof. Choose this option if you plan to use the boots for street riding and if you sometimes ride in the rain. I say “thumbs up!”. —Paul, 02-06-12

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Tim B.
Location: Tennessee

My old Oxtar Matrix boots were hard to beat. I wanted something just as comfortable but with a bit more protection and still be waterproof. The S-Sportour WP fits the bill nicely. (Read more...)