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TCX S-Race Boots

  • Upper constructed of microfiber with micro-injected inserts and padded front area for better comfort and flexibility
  • Air Tech breathable lining with suede insert in the heel area for an improved fit
  • Polyurethane shin plate with two iron mesh air intakes, polyurethane shift pad
  • Replaceable heat-resistant alloy toe sliders with hidden screw system, and polyurethane calf sliders
  • Zipper and Velcro® strap closure
  • Mid-sole is antibacterial, reinforced with anti-shock and anti-vibration heel insert
  • Triple injection sole, with its differentiated grip areas, offers maximum sensitivity while riding
  • Torsion Control System® has been designed to provide the perfect balance between flexibility and protection; the structure fully carries out the main TCS® function, which is to allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle within its physiological limits, preventing excessive torsion and the risk of joint injuries. The system has two main elements: a polyurethane body and heel, both of which are sewn to the upper and connected by two lateral and one rear flexion point
  • Metatarsal Control System® has a polyurethane structure with a flexion point positioned in the metatarsal area to allow it to adhere more closely to the anatomy of the foot, to give necessary freedom of movement while riding and to guarantee maximum protection in the event of a fall
  • CE certified

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Our Two Cents

The S-Race boots are TCX’s top of the line boots designed for the heavy demands of the top racers. Current AMA Superbike champion Josh Hayes stands at the top of the podium in these boots, which is a pretty heavy endorsement for their protection and quality. Being a race-level boot, the S-Race has a stiff sole, which provides excellent feedback and feel for the brake and shifter. Of course that also means you won’t want to walk in them all day, either (but hey, they are called the S-RACE boot for a reason!). The two most advanced features of these boots are the Torsion Control System® and the Metatarsal Control System®. I’ll let TCX do the talking here:

Torsion Control System® The Torsion Control System® has undergone modifications and been perfected, increasing its functionality and safety performance. The system has been noticeably updated and is now made up of 4 combined elements. The main structure has a double heel and a frame that allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle, preventing torsion beyond natural limits and therefore helping to protect the joints from possible injuries. This main structure is connected to an X-shaped central body sewn to the upper, that connects the upper part to the lower part of the boot and guarantees excellent hold for the leg.

Metatarsal Control System® The known M.C.S. has been notably improved, with a strong technological development that has brought significant functional progress. The system is based on a rigid shell with a rotation mechanism that incorporates programmed stops at the top and bottom, designed to prevent excessive flexion of the metatarsal either up or down. The special position of the point of flexion and the new ovoid pivot guarantee freedom of movement for the foot and excellent sensitivity when riding.

So what does this mean to you as a rider? These boots offer excellent crash protection without sacrificing natural feel and flexibility. Other protective features include a molded shin plate and heel cup, protecting those areas from impact. An aluminum alloy toe slider as well as a polyurethane calf slider are both replaceable. So for those of you that are reaching extreme lean angles, these boots should serve you well. At the bottom of the S-Race boots you will find an advanced triple-injected sole. This will give you the right amount of grip and control feel without being bulky or prone to catching when you want to move around on the pegs. There is also a reinforced shift pad to keep that high-wear area looking good and functioning well. There are a total of three vents on these boots. Two are molded into the shin area, while a third is found down by the heel to allow hot air to escape. The interior of the boot is lined with TCX’s Air-Tech fabric, which promotes air flow within the boot. The foot bed is also anti-microbial to help reduce track day funk. We have taken quite a few photos of these good looking boots here in our studio, so be sure to click the “View Larger Images” link above to take a look.

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Location: California

Where to start? Well, I had first tried some other boots (which were awesome) but didn't fit as well as I would have liked. I shipped those back with no problem using their discounted shipping label then bought these at an incredible price. The... (Read more...)