TCI Products Adventure Touring Windscreen Yamaha TW200 1987 ::

TCI Products Yamaha TW200 1987-13 Adventure Touring Windscreen

Read This Before You Buy!

  • Made in USA
  • D.O.T. approved “Implex” impact modified acrylic
  • U.V. stabilized
  • Totally impact resistant
  • Excellent ultra clarity
  • Resists hazing, surface dullness, and progressive yellowing
  • Scratches can be rubbed out
  • Will not shatter the way non modified plastics do
  • No modifications necessary for install
  • Heavy duty mounting brackets with Black powder coated finish included
  • Nylon mounting hardware included
  • Available in Clear only (Tinted look in the pictures to show shape)

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Our Two Cents

This product is designed to work for this specific motorcycle make/model in it’s OEM/stock setup from the factory. This windscreen is not compatible with most aftermarket bar risers. Be sure to check with the manufacturer if you have aftermarket accessories installed that may affect the fit of this windscreen.

The plastic used in the TCI Products Adventure Touring Windscreens is produced by AeroFlow Corp. and is D.O.T. approved “Implex” impact modified acrylic. This stuff is not your off the shelf clear plastic, Implex has combined the U.V. stability and other physical properties of standard acrylic sheet with impact resistance that is 8 times greater than extruded acrylic and 6 times greater than cast acrylic. It offers impact resistance along with excellent clarity, resists hazing, surface dullness, and progressive yellowing. If scratched, Implex can be rubbed out and if broken, will not shatter the way non modified plastics do.

The screen has a compound curve shape, provides very good air flow control, and looks great on the motorcycle. The brackets mount to the upper triple clamp and handle bar riser bolts. The windscreen is attached to the brackets with Nylon hardware and is easily removable in less than 1 minute with the use of a coin. The windscreen features a non-adjustable rigid mount designed to reduce upper body and back fatigue allowing for longer rides. Easy to look over even for the shortest riders. The brackets are powder coated Black and install with no modifications to the motorcycle.