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Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Pants

  • Seam sealed waterproof AR-600 frame
  • Reinforced knees
  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved knee protectors
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Speed Zip™ controlled ventilation system
  • Lock Down™ ratchet waist adjuster
  • Silicone printed waist band
  • Reflective trim

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Sizing Information

Below is the sizing chart provided by Speed and Strength for these pants. The waist of these pants is adjustable with the large adjustable buckle in front. The waist sizes listed below are with the buckle in the largest position so the pants will adjust smaller by 2” or 3”. The inseam on the pants can be “adjusted” shorter if necessary. The hem has a snap built in so you can roll them up one turn and close the snap to hold them in place that way. It effectively shortens the pants by about 2”. You can also adjust the height of the knee armor to suit your leg length which goes along with the adjustable inseam.

Pant Size Waist Inseam
Small 30-31 34
Medium 32-33 34
Large 34-35 34
XL 35-38 34
2XL 38-41 34
3XL 41-44 34

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Our Two Cents

The Urge Overkill pants remind me of a cross between textile street pants and adventure touring pants. The Camo/Black color especially has the off-road/adventure vibe. There are a lot of nice features to these pants and they feel well made. The waist closure is very sturdy which I like and the front buckle provides some adjustment (see my comments above about fit). Like a good street pant, the rear waist is tall and will overlap with your jacket by a lot which will help keep out the wind and rain. I’d suggest these pants for cold to mild/warm weather, but not hot weather. They have some zippered venting, but the pants are constructed with a “mid liner” of waterproof material, and so if much air entered those vents (which I’d doubt), it won’t reach directly to your skin. But for cooler and wet weather, I think these pants would do great. They aren’t built like overpants, but they have a “cargo”-ish cut so I think you could use them for overpants if you wanted to although they wouldn’t be quite as convenient to put on and take off as overpants would be. But unlike a lot of overpants, they aren’t as baggy and have a trimmer look to them. I like the sporty silicone imprints around the waist and such. I also like the perforated suede-like material on the insides of the legs to help prevent melting against hot pipes (notice I said “help prevent”, not “prevent”). Overall, I think these are great pants and the styling is something new. :: Paul, 08-02-13

But wait, I can’t sign off without making at least one smart remark about the rear zippered vent…. What do you suppose the functional idea was there? Beans anyone?