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Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 One Piece Suit

  • 1.2 – 1.4mm Premium cowhide leather frame
  • Knox C.E. approved shoulder, hip, knee and elbow protectors
  • Knox C.E. approved spine protector
  • H.I.S.S. main seams (High Impact Safety Seams)
  • Schoeller® Keprotec® stretch panels
  • Kevlar® thread
  • Anatomical race cut fit
  • Aerodynamic race hump
  • Perforated front torso
  • Low restriction collar
  • Knee sliders
  • TPR logos

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Sizing Information

These suits are sold in US chest sizes. We recommend that you take a look at the sizing chart provided by Speed and Strength to find the suit that would fit you the best. Not sure why they list waist size when belly size would be more important, but the waist sizes listed would be about right for each size suit. To figure max belly size, just subtract 6” from the suit size as an approximation (example: a 46 suit would have about a 40” max belly and would fit somebody with a 36-37 waist).

Size 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
Chest 38-39 40-41 42-43 44-45 46-47 48-49 50-51 52-53 54-55
Sleeve 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
Waist 28-29 30-32 32-33 34-36 36-37 38-40 41-43 42-44 45-47

I found the overall fit of these suits to be for the “average” build. One piece race suits are cut snug and relatively short. It’s hard to put firm numbers on the height issue, but generally speaking, the smaller size suits will fit people up to about 5’9”, the medium size suits 6’ and the very large suits might go up to about 6’2”. Evaluate the fit of a race suit while in the riding position. If they fit well in that position, chances are, they will be uncomfortable for standing or walking around because of the “pre-curved” nature of their construction.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

I am really quite impressed by the Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 suit. For the price these go for, I was not expecting to receive such a high quality suit. Both the materials used and the construction of the suit is very high quality. Let’s start with the protective features: Speed and Strength didn’t hold back when it came time to decide on armor for this suit. They have used Knox armor throughout the suit, including CE armor for the shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows. In addition, a substantial, CE approved Knox spine protector comes installed in the suit as well. There is foam padding in the chest, and an aerodynamic speed hump helps to prevent neck injuries as well. Constructed from 1.2-1.4mm leather that is held together with Kevlar thread, the Twist of Fate suit is ready to take some serious punishment (so you don’t have to). Shoeller® Keprotec® material is used as stretch fabric behind the knees and at the inner arms, which keeps the suit very comfortable without sacrificing safety. Accordion style leather stretch panels are also incorporated at the knees, elbows, lower back, and shoulders. This suit is definitely a warm weather suit, as a good portion of the front is perforated (torso, arms, and thighs), and there are some perforations at the back to let hot air escape as well. This suit uses a heavy duty YKK metal zipper for the main zipper, and smaller YKK zippers at the sleeve and leg openings. Knee sliders are included with the suit, and the leather feels nice and soft so you should be able to get that knee out with minimal break in time. We have taken several photos of this suit here in our studio, so take a closer look by clicking “View Larger Images” above.

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