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Speed and Strength Tapout Moto Armored Hoody

  • Cotton poly blend frame
  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved spine protector
  • Raw edge seams
  • Premium 3D embroidered art

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Sizing Information

We have a size Medium on Huey and an XL on Dewey, our Fit Check Mannequins and both fit just fine. I’d advise you to pick the size you normally wear in men’s clothing. You can see how those fit by taking the “View Larger Images” link above.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Tapout Moto Armored Hoody is the second version of a hoody with armor this year. Obviously the Tapout styling is the draw. The other version I recently reviewed, the Moto Mercenary hoody, is constructed very much the same, so I’ll borrow some comments from that previous review to let you know how this hoody might be used on a bike. Here are those previous comments: So what do you do with it (besides look good)? Well, I wouldn’t feel right telling you that this armored jacket is going to do a lot for you in case you hit the pavement at anything more than walking speed. Plain cotton material is stretchy and soft and will shred within inches of a sliding impact with the pavement. The armor might do some good for a split second, but if the shell comes apart immediately there won’t be anything to hold that armor in the places it’s supposed to be as you tumble or slide. That being said… I’ll give you some ideas on a few good uses of this hoody….. of course wearing it casually will give you a lot of use and you’ll look really cool. And if you get in a scuffle you’ll be admiringly resilient when you hit the sidewalk. I can see people wearing it in slow urban traffic (where it might not shred quite so instantly if you fell). Wearing it UNDER a substantial jacket that would have some impact protection, such as a Carhartt (or similar) on your way to work in cooler or cold weather. Buy it to wear under an old favorite leather or textile jacket to give you modern protection and some insulation (take the old armor out of your jacket of course). So, see, I think there are lots of safe uses for this hoody… just not at highway speeds with it only over a tee shirt, please! Take the “View Larger Images” link above and see the photos we took of all the little features and details. :: Paul, 11-19-13

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