Speed and Strength Moment of Truth 2.0 Gloves :: MotorcycleGear.com

Speed and Strength Moment of Truth 2.0 Gloves

  • Leather and textile frame
  • Reinforced leather palm
  • High density knuckle padding
  • Padded finger protectors
  • Pre-curved race cut fit
  • Hook and loop wrist closure

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major brands we carry, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If anything, they are a little on the snug side, but should break in nicely. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The Moment of Truth 2.0 Gloves from Speed and Strength are a good looking short cuff glove with protective padding over the knuckles and fingers. They are a great option for someone who is wanting a ventilated glove for summer use, without going to a full mesh glove. The leather in these gloves is soft and flexible. I did find them to be a little on the snug side, so having soft leather that will stretch and break in nicely is definitely a plus. External stitching on the fingers will prevent any excess material from digging into your hands. A good portion of these gloves is made from a stretch fabric that is breathable, which not only makes these fit nice, but also increases comfort in hot weather. The leather on the backs and between the fingers is also perforated, one more plus for warm weather riding. As for protection, there is some thin rubber over the two smaller knuckles, while the first two knuckles get foam padding with leather overlays. The only area I would really question on these gloves is the back of the thumb, which is just a thin layer of stretch fabric. I would rather see leather in that area for crash protection, but I do have to admit that the stretch fabric is comfortable (not to mention these gloves are still ahead of a lot of other mesh gloves that we sell). Overall I’d say these are a good option for warm weather gloves that have more protection than thin fabric gloves. To see some more detailed photos of these gloves, click the “View Larger Images” link above.