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Sidi Vortice Vernice Boots

  • The all new two piece Vortice sole is constructed of a polyurethane and rubber blend. It features a removable insert in front of the arch area where much wear and tear normally occurs due to sharp metal brake pedals and shift levers Another patented exclusive Sidi feature!
  • Composite inner sole
  • The toe slider is made of nylon reinforced with fiberglass. It is fitted with a new air intake and an innovative non-spark alloy insert
  • External ankle brace system
  • Shock absorbing heel cup
  • DuPont polymer toe shift pad
  • Padded Achilles area
  • Tecno VR adjustable calf system is designed to be used with race suits
  • The Vortice can accommodate riders with up to a 18-inch calf diameter 12.5 inches above from the bottom of their heel.
  • Tecno buckle system for a perfect glove like fit
  • Closable air vents on the foot outer and toe areas
  • An elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper allows a bind free zip and improved fit
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining
  • All bolt on parts are replaceable
  • Removable arch support
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas
  • Lorica outer construction

Please Note: We can ship Sidi products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

Visit our Sidi Sizing Information page for complete size conversion info (ladies can use the chart at the bottom of the page). We feel the chart works well to choose a size based upon a US shoe size.

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Our Two Cents

Here’s a closeout you’ll find only at! We bought all the remaining US inventory in this style. Enjoy the savings while the inventory remains. When our stock is sold, there will be no more! Our product comments: The Vortice Vernice boots are identical in design and function to the regular Vortice. The only difference is the new shiny finish they have developed for the Lorica portions of the boot. That being said – here are our comments on the Vortice boot:

First thing to know about the Vortice boot is how to say it: Vor-tee-chay. Of course after hearing the name pronounced you know it’s Italian, right? The Vortice is Sidi’s latest and greatest for track racers. The boot expands upon and improves upon the safety and comfort of their previous (now obsolete) Vertigo Corsa. This boot has a re-designed ankle/shin/leg support system. Instead of most designs that feature an upper brace connected to the lower foot by way of a hinge mechanism, this boot also offers more freedom of natural movement because the upper leg brace consists of two pieces that are connected together, but that move independently. You can therefore get more front-to-back movement, but with the side-to-side support to help prevent injury. The brace system opens up like a clam shell which fits around an inner boot made of (the usual) Lorica material. The upper brace fastens with Sidi’s exclusive “techno tensioners” at the base of the front shin armor and in the rear upper calf area. The tensioner consists of what looks like nylon fishing line connected to a positive locking ratchet mechanism. It’s a proven design (previously used successfully on the Vertigo Corsa) and works quite well to provide a custom fit to a wide range of leg sizes. There is also a tensioner across the instep. The other new/big improvement is the sole design. Like some off-road boots, this boot has a replaceable sole which will add additional life to this boot (which is a good thing considering the price!). Venting is standard on the boot through a unique vent positioned front and center and built into the toe slider. There is another vent on the outside of the foot just below the ankle. Both vents have an open-close feature and both provide a clear path for air to rush into the boot. Of course you get the other safety features you’d expect on a high-end racing boot such as shin protection, heel impact protection and a rigid toe box. Here’s some advice for those who might consider this boot for off-track use: Take a look at the “View Larger Pictures” link above and you will see that in order to get this boot on, you have to completely disengage the three tensioners and open the boot’s front and back leg brace system, then unzip the side zipper. Then you slide your foot in and reverse the whole procedure… and then do it all again on the other foot! So for those that want a race-type boot for weekend sport riding or commuting, please consider a less elaborate design. This is really for racers who want the special features and aren’t concerned about the 5 minutes it would take to put them on each time. We’ve included a lot of close-up pictures with rather long captions to try and demonstrate all the features of this top-of-the-line boot.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Richard B.
Location: North Carolina

Bought these Sidi Vortice Vernice Boots a while ago. They are pure Race Boots - and take some time to get off and on. View the photos of the clam-shell type way they are made on this website. (Read more...)

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