FirstGear TPG Basegear Short Sleeve Top - 2012 ::

FirstGear FirstGear TPG Basegear Short Sleeve Top

  • Moisture transport system wicks the sweat from your body keeping you cool and dry
  • Basegear’s heat-release mechanism keeps your skin surface as cool as possible to help maintain core body temperature (increases in core body temperature can cause muscle fatigue and slow reaction time)
  • Fabric is 50% lighter than a cotton T-shirt after 60 minutes of exercise
  • It releases 80% if its moisture after 30 minutes of rest, while cotton only releases 35% of its moisture after 30 minutes of rest
  • All seams flat-stitched for added comfort under layering system
  • UV 50+ protection from sun elements, helps control body temperature to reduce fatigue
  • Anti-bacterial protection

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Sizing Information

FirstGear’s Basegear is sold in alpha sizes. Select a size based on what you normally wear in men’s clothing. You can check your chest and belly to make sure you are choosing a large enough size. The material only stretches a little bit, so make sure the size is big enough to accommodate both.

Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 40 40
Medium 42 42
Large 44 44
XL 46 46
XXL 48 48
XXXL 50 50

Our Two Cents

Basegear is essentially underwear that is designed to keep you dry, cool and protect you from chafing. The material used in the Basegear is a soft nylon material similar to common athletic apparel. It’s just a little bit stretchy and very comfortable. The fit is similar to normal tee shirts (not the skin tight muscle styles). This type of gear is specifically designed to be comfortable in warm to hot weather under motorcycle riding gear. But it is pretty sharp and I’m sure you could find other non-motorcycle uses for it too! :: Paul 04-05-12