Fieldsheer Glove Liners ::

Fieldsheer Glove Liners

  • Fits underneath gloves for increased warmth
  • Nylon, polyester and spandex construction

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Sizing Information

These gloves are constructed of a stretchy combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex. We found them to be a little on the baggy side of our usual sizes, and would recommend ordering them one size small since extra material bunching up under your gloves wouldn’t be too comfortable. The material they are made of will allow some stretch over your hands anyway.

Our Two Cents

These glove liners are intended to be worn under your regular riding gloves to provide some extra insulation on those especially cold days. The material is fairly thin so it shouldn’t interfere with your glove sizing too much (unless your gloves are already extremely tight). Although it’s thin, it does provide a surprising amount of warmth. Even just wearing them here at the office we could tell. One thing to note is these do not block any wind, so if your gloves have venting or perforations you are still going to end up with cold hands (buy a cold weather glove). We have larger pictures of the liners available at the link above.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Dennie H.
Location: Colorado

I've been looking for a new winter glove for awhile. I found these TPG gloves and as a "plus" found some FirstGear glove liners. The gloves are great, but a bit snug with the liners. I ride in 20 degree dry temps with no problem. I am hoping t... (Read more...)

From: Jt S.
Location: Pennsylvania

These glove liners fit well, and slip under gloves quite well. You can see in my image the liner on my left and the liner under gloves on the right. They work well to battle the chill of the wind at cooler temps. (Read more...)