Driven Power Up Kits Aluminum Kawasaki ::

Driven Power Up Kits Aluminum Kawasaki

  • 520 conversion power up kit
  • Aluminum rear sprocket for maximum performance
  • Steel front sprocket
  • RK chain comes pre-cut to correct length with rivet style master link included
  • Use the OEM/stock sprocket hardware for installation
  • Sprockets available in black only
  • Gold RK chain
  • XSO chain is included for 600/750cc models
  • GXW chain is included for liter motorcycles
  • Sprocket science

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Our Two Cents

If your sprockets and/or chain are worn out, it’s a best to replace all the components of your drive train at the same time. The Driven Power Up Kits include the front sprocket, rear sprocket, pre-cut chain and master link. Power Up Kits are designed to increase your motorcycles bottom end power. Aluminum rear sprockets are designed for maximum performance and are less resistant to wear compared to the Power Up Kits with Steel rear sprockets. All Driven Power Up Kits feature black front and rear sprockets with RK chains in gold only. The chain type will be suited to your bike’s displacement, with 600cc and 750cc models coming with the XSO chain, and the liter motorcycles coming with the GXW chain.