BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery Yamaha ::

BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery Yamaha

  • 12V Absorbed Glass Mat high performance maintenance free powersports battery
  • Out performs wet batteries in service life and in storage life (battery lifespans will vary)
  • Permanently sealed by the factory and non spillable
  • No need to check the acid level or add water
  • Increased cold cranking amps
  • Resistant to sulfation
  • Battery terminal hardware (for attaching battery cables) included
  • Instructions included
  • One year manufacturers warranty

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Our Two Cents

For optimum performance, always charge a battery before installation and first use. Follow the battery manufacturers recommended charging times. These times will vary depending on the charging device being used. Chargers that function as a “tender” or “maintainer” a.k.a. “smart chargers” are ideal and prevent over charging.

Battery cables that are not attached securely to the battery terminals will work loose causing erratic and rough running problems, starting problems and ultimately draining the battery. Make sure the battery terminal hardware is as tight as it can possibly be without damaging the hardware or the battery terminals.

Proper maintenance is the key to getting the maximum service life out of a battery.

Always use a battery charger/tender/maintainer when the battery is not in use for more than 10 days.