AMS Comfortmax Neoprene Gel Seat Pads ::

AMS Comfortmax Neoprene Gel Seat Pads

  • Neoprene cover (wetsuit material)
  • 3/4” layer of Viscoelastic molded gel used in medical and sports applications
  • 1/4” layer of memory foam to contour the body
  • Eliminates pressure points or hot spots that cause discomfort while riding
  • Absorbs vibrations, small bumps, and road irregularities
  • Rubberized surface underneath to prevent the pad from sliding off the seat
  • Refrigerate the gel insert for a cool riding surface during the summer
  • Lifetime gel guarantee – Gel will not freeze, melt, harden, crack, or leak
  • Mounting straps included

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Sizing Information

  • Dimensions:
    • Buddy = 7”(W) x 11”(L)
    • Medium = 12”(W) rear x 5”(W) front x 12”(L)
    • Large = 14”(W) rear x 8”(W) front x 12”(L)
    • Jumbo = 16”(W) rear x 9”(W) front x 12”(L)
    • Ortho Deluxe = 18”(W) rear x 9”(W) front x 17”(L)

Our Two Cents

My first thought when we looked at these gel seat pads was, is this thing going to break or pop and leak some kind of gel everywhere? The AMS Comfort Max Neoprene Gel Seat Pads are not some kind of liquid or even semi liquid product encased in plastic, they are constructed of an advanced Viscoelastic molded gel that is very popular in the medical and athletic fields with an additional 1/4” layer of memory foam to contour the body. A Seat pad like this will make your rides far more enjoyable by absorbing vibration, and small bumps in the road. They eliminate pressure points and hot spots, AMS backs them up with a lifetime guarantee on the gel insert – It will not freeze, melt, harden, crack, or leak. My favorite feature of the AMS seat pads is that you can throw the insert in the refrigerator to cool off your ride during the hot summer days! The underside of these seat pads has a rubberized surface to prevent it from sliding off the seat, permanent straps are not a necessity but mounting straps are included for more permanent mounting. Click the “View Larger Pictures” to see pictures of the different sizes and close up of the gel pad insert.