Alpinestars Motegi Two Piece Race Suit ::

Alpinestars Motegi Two Piece Race Suit

  • Constructed with premium 1.3mm full-grain leather
  • Multiple-stitched main seam construction for maximum tear resistance
  • High-density perforations on front panels
  • Extended, reinforced Aramidic fiber stretch panels on the sides of the torso, arms, crotch and back of the knees
  • Lightweight, contoured mesh calf panels
  • Alpinestars exclusive aerodynamic and ventilated back hump
  • Removable, CE certified GP protectors in the elbows and shoulders feature injection molded shells and dual density foam padding
  • Alpinestars one-piece, CE approved GP-R knee/shin protectors feature a floating construction for precise fit
  • TPR shoulder reinforcement
  • Integrated PE foam padding on the chest, hips, coccyx, upper arms and sides of the torso
  • Snap connection system to integrate CE level 2 certified Bionic Race Back Protector
  • Removable, washable mesh liner with built-in stretch inserts
  • Flat profile YKK® Semi Auto Lock wrist zippers
  • Alpinestars PU Sport knee sliders

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Sizing Information

We tried these suits on in our shop and found the sizing to be very typical for Alpinestars, so if you have any experience with their suits, you’ll have a pretty good idea of fit. If you have no experience then below is some sizing advice.

About height: One thing about fitting suits is that not only does the jacket and pant fitment come into play, but also height comes into play. Of course the suits are built for an “average” height rider, but generally speaking, two piece suits will fit a taller person than the equivalent one piece suit. So if you are shorter in stature you’ll get a better fit out of a one piece suit, but if you are tall for your size/weight then consider a two piece suit. I’m not exactly sure how this generalization came to be, but I’d guess it has a lot to do with intended use. Professional racers are generally smaller in stature and the one piece suit designs are derivatives of custom suits made for racers. Two piece suits can be used on the track of course, but many are used for sport touring riders and they have to be able to accommodate a larger cross section of body types.

Pant fit: We also found the waist/belly of these two piece suits to be more generous for fit than the equivalent one piece suit. Those with an athletic build will find the pants in these suits to be a bit roomy, but those who don’t have a lot of taper from chest to waist will like the cut. Just as a rule of thumb, a trimmer cut one piece suit will measure out at about a 6” to 8” “drop” from chest to waist. A two piece suit with a more relaxed cut will have a 4” to 6” drop from chest to waist. Example: A size 56 Euro suit would fit a person with up to a 46” chest (typically a person who wears an XL shirt). The max waist on the waist/belly of a one piece suit would be about 38” to 40” and the max belly on a two piece suit would be 40” to 42”.

The suits are offered in European sizes, so you can select the size using Alpinestars sizing chart using your chest and waist measurements. If you have a bit of a belly, please also measure and compare to the following table. Make sure you are selecting a suit size that will accommodate your chest, belly and waist (from the Alpinestars chart).

Euro Size Max Chest Size
Max Belly Size
48 38 32-34
50 40 34-36
52 42 36-38
54 44 38-40
56 46 40-42
58 48 42-44
60 50 44-46
62 52 46-48
64 54 48-50

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Motegi two piece suit is the 2013 introduction of their high quality “value priced” suit. Alpinestars makes suits at prices well over triple the price of this suit, but don’t underestimate the value you see here. Like the one piece suit, Alpinestars offers this suit with all the essential safety features for a great price and you get the same quality materials and craftsmanship you get with the more expensive choices. The basics: quality race grade leather, GP type, CE approved armor pieces for the shoulders, elbows and knees; aerodynamic back hump, and built in armor for the hips, tailbone and rib areas. The chest armor and back armor is upgradable if you like (see links below). As you can see in the pictures, the suit is a combination of leather, mesh materials and stretch fabrics. The combination of all these materials is what makes this suit flexible and comfortable in the riding position. Designs that don’t embrace the combination of materials like this are just not as comfortable and practical to wear. Knee sliders are also included. If you are comparing this suit to the Motegi one piece suit here are the key differences: 1) this one is obvious, but this is a 2pc suit. The jacket and pants are connected with an all-around zipper. This means you’ll be able to use the jacket alone for less aggressive rides and use the pants with the suit for more aggressive rides and the track. 2) This suit is largely a solid leather design where the one piece has some larger perf panels. The part-perf design here will be more adaptable to cooler weather riding conditions. Both suits have generous Aramid stretch panels. Another new feature I see is that this suit has very effective nighttime reflectives built in. We’ve taken some nice shots of those which you can see by viewing our close up photo gallery. That is a nice feature since a lot of people may choose a suit like this for street riding. :: Paul, 03-25-13