Alpinestars GP Pro Jacket - 2014 ::

Alpinestars GP Pro Jacket - 2014

  • Constructed with premium 1.3mm full-grain leather
  • CE-certified protection on shoulders and elbows
  • Chest pad compartments with PE padding (Alpinestars CE-certified Nucleon inserts sold separately)
  • Multiple snap button system to integrate either level 2 CE certified Alpinestars back protectors, the Bionic Race or Nucleon KR-R (sold separately)
  • External, dual-density TPU shoulder and elbow sliders offer additional abrasion resistance in key impact areas
  • Advanced polyamide stretch panels on sleeves and chest to further improve fit and feel
  • High-density perforations on chest, arm, back and shoulders
  • Soft, 3D mesh collar construction for breathability and comfort
  • Moto GP profile perforated back hump for improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance
  • Technical, pre-curved sleeve construction
  • Collar and cuff mesh comfort edging
  • Multi-panel lining incorporates 3D mesh inserts
  • Two external zippered pockets and one internal water-resistant pocket
  • D-ring waist adjustments feature Velcro® straps
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants

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Sizing Information

This product is sold in European sizes. Alpinestars offered this jacket in a wide range of European sizes. The sizing is accurate per their chart and you can choose a European size based upon your US chest size using Alpinestars’ sizing chart. Basically the estimated US chest size of a jacket is 10 points lower than the European size. If you know your suit size, or can measure your chest, then you can choose a jacket size based on this.

If there ever was a jacket that you should measure yourself for it is a style like this. This is a race jacket… not a pretend race jacket and the fit when properly sized is TIGHT. When fully zipped you will find that the jacket feels very snug but good in a sport riding position which is appropriate for a jacket style like this. But when you move around into other non-riding positions, you’ll find the jacket to be confining and that it reduces your mobility… basically not comfortable for any sort of casual use.

Using the size charts, we chose a size 52 for Huey and a 56 for Dewey. You can see how those jackets fit by taking the “View Larger Images” link above.

I determined with a tape that the “drop” in size from chest to waist for any given size is about 6”. For those who may have a bit of a belly, we encourage you to consider our estimated max belly sizes listed below. Choose a jacket size that will accommodate both your chest and your belly. All but the most athletic will have to consider belly size when choosing. If you find yourself between two sizes, I’d advise you to choose larger.

Euro Size Max Chest Size (inches) Max Belly Size (inches)
46 36 30
48 38 32
50 40 34
52 42 36
54 44 38
56 46 40
58 48 42
60 50 44

Need help measuring? Get it here..

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Wow, what a sharp and high tech looking jacket. Well, it’s more than looks I assure you… this jacket is basically the top half of a high end race suit! For this new style, let me point out what I see that is new and different from what I’ve seen before. I first notice a larger amount of stretch material used in the undersides of the arms and even into the chest area under the arms and behind the arms. The use of this stretch material makes the jacket more flexible and comfortable even for as snugly cut as it is. The material also should admit some welcome air flow through the front as well. There are just a few perforated areas on the front of the jacket but by and large this is a solid leather design so having those fabric panels flow some air will feel welcome. Also, the new speed hump is different. It is taller and more narrow and has a definite air channel on the top that will squirt air right down the back. The area above the speed hump is soft and made of “airy” material that will feel nice and should stay out of the way of your helmet. As I said before, the feel of this jacket is VERY robust and in addition to the leather shell, there are hard plastic armor pieces sewn into the shell over the shoulders and elbows. Those look great and will provide an additional layer of impact protection in addition to the removable armor pieces. If you pair a jacket like this with pants, you essentially have a race suit. This jacket has a long zipper for connection to Alpinestars pants for just this purpose (see our close up pictures). I’ve talked a lot about this being a race jacket, and it is, but there are also a couple creature comforts for the street. There are two hand warmer pockets in front which are pretty usual, but there is also a breast pocket which is actually waterproof, so you can store your electronics safely. As far as practical use on the street, overall I’d say a style like this will be best for cool to warm weather use (but not hot or cold weather). In summary, I really like this race jacket and I think it has a lot of new advancements that will make it safer and more comfortable to use. And it looks sharp too :: Paul, 03-28-14

About the back protector: The jacket comes from the factory with a thin foam back pad installed in a pocket behind the jacket’s interior mesh liner. If you don’t plan to wear the recommended Bionic Race or Nucleon KR-R back protector under the jacket, then the thin foam pad makes the jacket feel better on your back because otherwise you’d be able to feel the outline of the speed hump. But if you use the Nucleon KR-R or Bionic Race back protector, you’ll probably want to pull out the thin foam pad.

Sizing Tip for Those Using Upgraded Armor: I just tried measuring myself with and without the Bionic Race back protector on me. Wearing it makes about a 2” difference in overall chest size. But if you use this back protector, you’ll be removing the foam back pad that comes in the jacket, so the net difference in fit will be about 1” added to your chest, so please take that into consideration when measuring yourself and choosing a jacket size. Upgrading the chest pads shouldn’t make much of a difference in overall fit because you’ll be replacing the foam pads that come in the jacket as standard and there isn’t an appreciable fit difference between the two chest pad types.

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